My mother

I love my mother, her name is Miss Xiao. She has black hair and two big eyes. She is a very beautiful woman. My mother works in a hotel. She is a manager. She likes fish and vegetables, but she doesn't like meat and chicken. My mother can cook, sing and read, but she can't fly. Her cooking and singing are both very good.


There is an old Chinese saything,Man Can't Live Without Honesty,which suggests the importance of honesty.To be honest means that we should treat people heart and soul.In no case should we cheap others .We should do as we say.On the other hand ,when we make a promose,we should try to keep our word.In case we can't,we should explain why and let them know as soon as possible.

Nobody likes dishonesty,so people who are honest can always gain others' repect and friendship.Only in an honest way are we able to make more friends and gain their cooperation.Without honesty,we can't do anything,or even live.



1. Every coin has two sides. 每个硬币都有两面,比喻事物的两面性。

2. The winter is coming and the spring is not far. 冬天已经临近了,春天还会远吗?

3. Failure is the mother of success. 失败是成功之母。

4. Practice makes perfect. 熟能生巧。

5. Actions speak louder than words. 事实胜于雄辩。

6. A fall into a pit, a gain in your wit. 吃一堑,长一智。

7. A good beginning is half done. 良好的开端是成功的一半。

8 Don't put off till tomorrow what should be done today. 今日事,今日毕。

9 Time and tide wait for no man. 时不我待。


1. Myself I am … , I am … years old . I look thin and tall . I like English very much . I like playing basketball and listening to music. I hope I can learn English well and go into the high school. 2.My family I have a very happy family.There are five people in my family.They are my father, my mother, my brother,my sister and I.My father is a farmer,my mother is a farmer, too.They are very kind.My brother is a worker,he is very hard.My sister and I are students.We are very hard-working. 3.My friend I have many friends. ** * is my best friends .He/she is short with long hair. He is interesting and outgoing.She/He likes studying. He wants to be a teacher in the future . 4.My teacher In my school life,I have many teachers. Mrs *** is my favourite teacher. She teaches us English. She's tall. She always has sweet smile on her face. She is very kind and friendly to all the students. We all love her very much! 5. My school life I am a student in a middle school.During my school day,I am very busy.I get up at 6:00 everyday.I have four classes in the morning and three classes in the afternoon.After class, I often play games with my classmates .Then, I do my homework by myself.That's my school day. 6.My hobby My hobby is collecting stamps.I think collecting stamps is very interesting and educational.I have been collecting stamps for six years.I spent lots of money collecting stamps. Would you like to enjoy my stamps.I believe you will like them. 7. My father My father is a farmer ,he is tall with short hair. He is always very busy ,he works in the field all the year .He hardly has a rest ,I decide to study well and make him happy. I won't let him down . My mother My mother is a good wife and good mother, she is hard –working ,she is always busy ,she has to make the bed ,clean the yard ,feed animals ,cook for us and so on ,I think she is very great. I love her very much. 8.My favorite season There are four seasons in a year. My favorite season is spring.In spring, every thing begins to grow. The days get warmer and warmer. The trees turn green and the flowers come out. We also can go on a trip in spring .I like spring best. 10.My favourite Subject My favourite subject is English. It's very interesting and useful. If you study English well, you can talk with other people in English-speaking countries. So I often practice speaking English as possible as I can. Do you like English? 11.My favourite pop star Of all the pop stars,I like Hanhong best .Although she isn`t very beautiful, she sings very well. She is kind and friendly. Her songs make me feel happy and excited. I like her very much. 12.My favourite animal I love animals.My favourite animal is the koala bear. He is from Australia.He sleeps during the day.But at night ,he gets up and eats leaves.He's a little shy. I like it very much. 13.My healthy lifestyle I often walk to school .I exercise every day .My eating habits are pretty good . I try to eat a lot of vegetables and fruits every day ,and I sleep eight hours every night. My good healthy lifestyle helps me to study better. 14. My dream Everyone has own dream.My dream is to be a reporter,because I like talking with other people.I think I will meet many interesting people,and I can learn a lot of interesting things.From now on,I will study harder and harder.I hope my dream will come true one day. 15.My room I have a small room ,there are many books on the table and there is also a clock on the table.there're some beautiful pictures on the wall. My room is always clean. My mum helps me clean it everyday. I love my room very much. 16.My good habit Everyone has many good habits.Now let me tell you my good habit.I often get up very early and keep doing morning exercise. I read all kinds of books for two hours every day. And I often help my parents do the housework in my free time.I think these habits are very good for me.I will keep them all the time. 17. My hometown My hometown is zhongwei .She has a long history.There, people are very friendly.And the food is very dedicious and cheap. There are many places of interest such as shapotou and high temple are very beautiful .I love my hometown very much 18.Library rules Library is a public place that we can read many books and magazines. Here are some library rules:First, keep the library clean and tidy. Second, protect the library books well. Next, return the books on time. Then,don't smoke,eat or talk. Finally, don't make any noises.I hope everyone can obey these library rules. 19.Talk about your Weekend I am a student, and I am in my third year in a middle school. I'm very busy with my lessons everyday.I am free only on weekend. So I usually have to spend three or four hours in my studyin。



1.中考英语作文:change our life

our life has change

along with the rapid development of technology,many high-tech products come into our life,which shocked our daily life and makes our life more and more different than ever.when i was a child,what makes us happy is to play some games like hide and seek with our friends in the vicinity of our house.instead that,for the kids who is ten-year later than us,what they do is also play games,just with the defferent equipment,they are doing it on computers instead.on the other hand,we used to get school on foot,but now a car is the way to school,for them.







Foranother,itmaydoharmtopeople'shealth。 Soinourcity,。








Happiness is a state of mind,happiness is not from the object,it is not a thing.Happy is not a chase - you do not need to firmly grasp it,because it's in your heart,you have got it.But this does not mean you do not need to contribute their energies to it.Happy like a party,you sit down to enjoy the fun - but only you want it,you are ready for it until lightly come prepared to allow himself happy bar。


The government and people of China have always admired the purposes and principles of the Olympic spirit and supported the efforts made by the Olympics in promoting world peace. The Chinese government and people are doing our utmost in preparation for the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. It is our hope to make it a grand gathering that will carry forward the Olympic spirit, promote world peace and enhance the friendship among people of the world, so that the Olympic spirit will flourish once again, this time in China, an oriental country with an ancient civilization. 中国人民一向赞赏奥林匹克精神的宗旨和原则,支持奥林匹克运动为促进世界和平所做的努力。



To make ShenZhen a beautiful place 让深圳更美丽

As we all know that Shen Zhen is a big city in china .So we should do a example for

众所周知,深圳是中国的一个大城市。 所以我们应该在全国内树立一个榜样

others ,and what shall we do to make Shenzhen a beautiful place in china ?as a


student ,I think I should do it from myself .I will not spit everywhere and never throw


the waste paper on the ground .I will try my best to help it .





The Winter Holiday

We are going to have the winter holiday.During the holiday we will have the Spring Festival.So all of the families in China are having a busy time.All of the children in China like Spring Festival very much,because they can eat many delicious food and get many money.But children in China have to do the homework for Winter Holiday.So that the could remember what they have learn the year before.Each of the children likes Winter Holiday.




1) It's our duty to save water(节约水是我们每个人的责任。)

As we know , water is very important to man, (我们知道,水对人类来说是非常的重要。)we can't live without water. (没有水我们就不能生存。)

The amount of water which is suitable to drink is less and less. (适合人类喝的水是越来越少了。)But some people don't care about it .(但是有些人却不关心或不在意。)

They waste a lot of water in their daily life. (日常生活中他们浪费很多水。)Even worse, they pour dirty water in to rivers.(更糟糕的是他们排放污水到河流里。)

They throw rubbish into rivers , too. (他们还乱扔垃圾到河流理去。)Many rivers and lakes are seriously polluted.(很多河流湖泊已经受到严重污染。)

Something must be done to stop the pollution. (人类必须采取一些措施来制止污染。)Only in this way can we live happily.(只有这样,我们才过得幸福开心。)

If we don't save water, the last drop of water will be a tear-drop of us.( 如果我们不节约水,那么最后一滴水也许会是我们人类的眼泪) 2) Planting trees Trees are very helpful and important for us. (树对我们人类是多么的重要和有用。)We should plant more and more trees in order to live better and more healthy in the future. (为了将来我们的生活过得更好、更加健康我们应该种更多的树。)

It's everyone's duty to love and protect the environment.(爱护和保护环境是每个人的责任和义务。) 3) 旅游介绍 预览摘要: 北京奥运会期间,有一大批外国人来北京参观。

假设你是导游,请根据以下内容,向外宾简单介绍北京的情况。 要求: 1. 100 词左右; 2. 要点包括: a. 有悠久的历史b. 有许多名胜古迹 Ladies and gentlemen,(女士们、先生们) Welcome to BeiJing, now let me introduce Beijng to you.(欢迎到北京,我来介绍北京给大家。)

Beijing is a city with a long history. It is in the north of China. It has a population of 13,240,000.(北京是一个历史悠久的城市,它位于中国的北部,人口13.240.000) There are many places of interest in Beijing, such as the Summer Palace and so on.(北京有很多名胜古迹,象颐和园等等。) The Great Wall is a beautiful place.( 长城是个漂亮的地方。)

.There is a saying that he who has never been to the Great Wall is not a true man. (有句谚语说:不到长城非好汉)The water in Miyun Reservoir is clean and not polluted. (密云水库的水很干净没有受污染。)There are all kinds of fish in it. (里边有各种各样的鱼。)

You can go boating, go fishing and have a picnic there.(那里你可以划船、钓鱼或者野炊。) It is really a good place to spend your holiday. (那里真是个度假的好地方。)

Besides, you can go and visit Beijing Museum. (此外,你还可以去游览北京博物馆。)There you can see a lot of dinosaur egg fossils.(那里你可以看到很多恐龙蛋和化石。)

I hope you can enjoy yourselves in Beijing.(我希望大家在北京玩得开心快乐。) Thank you.(谢谢) 4)、近日,你班在“知荣明耻” “八荣八耻大家谈”教育活动中,召开了一次关于学生荣辱观的主题班会。


3.乱扔垃圾、污损环境等等。 Recently we have held a class meeting to discuss what is considered to be honorable behavior and what is shameful. (最近我们班开了个班会讨论什么是光荣和耻辱。)

It is really a pity to see all this in our school.(很遗憾在学校看到这些现象)Some students don't respect their teachers or parents. (不尊敬老是和父母)Some don't take their studies seriously and cheat in exams. (作业不认真,考试作弊)Some throw wastes everywhere and pollute the environment . (到处乱扔垃圾污染环境。)It is honorable to obey the law and rules , care much about our class and study hard.(关心班级、努力学习、遵纪守法是光荣)It is shameful to break school rules, to be selfish or to make little effort to achieve success.(违反学校纪律、自私 骄傲是可耻的)We should respect others and think more of them than of ourselves.(我们应该尊敬别人经常关心别人)We should work hard and make much more progress to repay the society.(我们应该努力学习取得更大进步从而回报社会。)

We should try our best to keep the environment clean。(我们应该想方设法保持干净的环境。)

人与环境是和谐相处的,我们生存在地球上,人是自然之子,而不能仅把人看作自然的征服者,大家都知道,人类只有一个地球,地球上的山山水水、动物。植物是人类的细胞,如果我们把它损坏了,破坏了大自然的组织,等 于消灭人类。


Harmony with the environment is that we live in on Earth, who is a natural son, and not only to natural persons as the conqueror, as we all 。

3.2016中考英语满分作文关于人口as we know

As is known to us,China has the biggest population in the world,which is more than 1,300,000,000.Such a large population causes some problems in cities,that's the unemployment.Too many people gather in cities and the jobs are not enough.Some graduates can't find a job though they have left school for years.In addition,traffic jam is another problem resulting from the big population.There are too many cars on the roads and streets. The situation of the countryside is not good.Too many people live in the countryside and we don't have enough farm land for them. Fortunately,our government has realized the problems and has attached great importance to them.The government is trying its best to create more jobs and improve traffic systems.Moreover,the one-child policy has helped a lot.



Last sunday. I and my father, mother, grandparents, brother went to wulongshanby bus. In the morning we came down the mountain. I saw wooded mountains, wild flowers bloom. We climb up the hill along the mountain path. Come halfway up the mountain, I feel a little tired,it began to rain,My West Lake silk umbrella missed,. Dad said to me,“Jane, don't do anything halfway.”at last,So I insisted reached the top, the top of the scenery so beautiful.We were flying kites, I was thirsty, my mother bought me a bottle of water, .finally we went home.finally,Since then, I've kept the umbrella。

i was very happy。


Last sunday. I and my father, mother, grandparents, brother went to wulongshan

by bus. In the morning we came down the mountain. I saw wooded mountains, wild flowers bloom. We climb up the hill along the mountain path. Come halfway up the mountain, I feel a little tired,it began to rain,My West Lake silk umbrella missed,. Dad said to me,“Jane, don't do anything halfway.”at last,So I insisted reached the top, the top of the scenery so beautiful.We were flying kites, I was thirsty, my mother bought me a bottle of water, .finally we went home.finally,Since then, I've kept the umbrella。i was very happy


My motherThere's no doubt that my mother gives all her love to me. I do believe she is a great person who makes my life beautiful and meaningful.She is an easygoing and kind woman with bright eyes and a lovely smile. Although she is often busy, I still feel that I am taken good care of by her. It's a great pleasure to chat with her when I get into troubles. She always encourages me not to give up and tries to cheer me up by coming up with good solutions. In addition, I am fascinated by her cooking and writing. With her love, I feel like a fish swimming happily in a beautiful sea. I'll cherish her love forever.My teacherMy teacher, Miss Wang, helped me a lot in my middle school life. She is a kind easygoing woman. I must thank her for making a confident girl. I used to be a shy and unconfident girl. Mrs. Wang noticed me. She took good care of me and encouraged me to join the school speech contest. Of course, I failed. But Mrs. Wang cheered me up and said every man is the architect of his own future.From then on, I practiced every day. It goes without saying “No pain, no gain.” I won the contest in the second term. In my opinion, teachers are the same as gardeners and they volunteer today and gain tomorrow. Not only can they teach knowledge but also they can teach students how to be a successful man.Thank you, Mrs. Wang. You make a duck become a beautiful swan. I want to be a teacher that as same as you in the future.。


2016中考英语作文怎么写得分更高英语写作能力也是灵活运用知识的一种综合能力. 1.中国有句古话,叫熟读唐诗三百首,不会吟诗也会作.同样,要使自己具有较强的写作能力,首先应该熟读和背诵一些句型和短文.许多同学写出来的语言根本不符合英语的语言习惯,相当一部分人有对照中文逐字翻译的不良习惯,不去理会中英文的差异.大量的背诵和阅读是提高写作能力的有效办法,同学们若有大量的现成语言积累在脑海里,自己写起文段来,就可以做到脱口而出,或是模仿、套用,甚至发挥. 2.可以采用循序渐进、灵活多样的练习方式.从根据提示词写单句开始,到写单句,然后到写几句话,最后到写流利的文段. 3.尝试多种形式的写作,如短信、说明、通知、便条、明信片、看图写作、根据表格或记录写短文等. 4.在练习时,要充分了解所提供的情景素材,注意使用常见的连接词来表示顺序和逻辑关系,使句意表达连贯、语法正确、符合逻辑.还要注意字母的大小写和标点符号.想写好作文,必须具备扎实的基本功,作文的基本功主要体现在词、句、段三个方面.单词方面,积累单词,扩大词汇量,弄清词的确切用法及相似词的用法区别,以及很多固定短语、习语的用法,要准确地表达想要表达的意思.句子方面,注意一些常用的句式,平时看到比较好用的句式要记下来,多模仿,还要在写文章时注意长短句的结合.段落方面,注意整篇文章的整体布局,要从整体上把握每段的中心思想,避免偏题、走题.提高写作水平不是一朝一夕所能完成的,最重要的是养成好的学习习惯,平时注意多积累,勤动笔、多思考,潜移默化中你的写作水平便会不断提高.(另有一帖)要想用英语把文章写好,首先需要打下牢固的语言基础,即相当程度的语言造诣、良好的语言修养和敏锐的语言感知能力.写作者必须懂得写作的具体步骤,了解写作的性质,掌握写作的技巧.更为重要的是,中国学生还必须解决用英语思维的问题.不懂得英美人思维方式的人,无论语言功底有多深,是写不出地道的英语文章的.英语语言的功底指对这门语言中各种语言知识的掌握和运用能力,其中包括用词的准确和精炼、修辞手段的自如运用、时态的准确运用以及语法和句法结构的熟练掌握等.写作中常出现的问题是用词欠准确,这主要是由于对词意和词在不同的语境中所产生的不同语意把握不好所致,而词汇量的贫乏也无疑是造成用词欠妥的一个重要因素.当掌握了一定词汇量而不懂得修辞知识的人仍不可能把文章写好.除了语言功底,写作者还必须清楚写作的具体任务、写作的特殊性以及写作所需要的各种技巧.写作是一种综合的智力活动,其作品是以思想为基础,以语言为工具而创造出来的艺术品.写作不仅需要丰富的想象力,还需要严谨的语言逻辑和独特的思想.否则,文章决不可能成为语言的佳作.中国人用英语写作还面临一个思维方式的转变问题.不熟悉英语语言思维方式的人,无论有何等高超的写作技巧,都不可能创造出优美地道的英文作品.尤其是有很多学生在用英语写文章之前总习惯先用中文列出提纲,然后按照列出的中文提纲从事英语的写作.以这种方式写出的文章是可想而知的.总之,思维方式的转变、对写作性质的深入了解、树立英语写作的正确意识是创造成功的英文作品的前提.这些问题将在以后的篇章中做进一步的讨论.一、作文要学会积累“读书破万卷,下笔如有神”,“巧妇难为无米之炊”古人这些总结,从正反两方面说明了“积累”在写作中的重要性.“平时靠积累,考场凭发挥”,这是考场学子的共同体会.(一)语言方面要建立“语汇库”.语汇是文章的细胞.广义的语汇,不仅指词、短语的总汇,还包括句子、句群.建立“语汇库”途径有二:第一是阅读.平时要广泛阅读书籍、报刊,并做好读书笔记,把一些优美的词语、句子、语段摘录在特定的本子上,也可以制作读书卡片上.第二是生活.平时要捕捉大众口语中鲜活的语言,并把这些语言记在随身带的小本子或卡片上,这样日积月累、集腋成裘,说话 就能出口成章,作文就会妙笔生花.(二)要加强材料方面的积累.材料是文章的血肉.许多学生由于平时不注意积累素材,每到作文时就去搜肠挂肚,或者胡编或者。


中考英语满分作文When I chose to study further, it is because I want to avoid the job pressure, now three years will pass, I come to my cross road again, at this time, I must make my choice, I can't avoid the pressure anymore. I have already made my future plan, it has two parts。


One part of my future plan is that I want to be a teacher. This is my career plan, being a teacher is always my dream, I can pass my knowledge to students, I like to talk to them, I want to lead them to the successful road. So now I must pay attention to the recruit message, I should seize every chance to be a teacher。 我将来计划的其中一部分就是我想要成为一名教师。


The other part of my future plan is that I want to travel around the world. Being a teacher can make me have many vacations, so I can make used of these vacations and to carry out my travel plan. I have heard about many interesting foreign things, so I want to go out and have a look at the world。 我将来计划的另一部分就是我想要环游世界。




My favorite Sports During my secondary school years I often liked to go to the recreation room to play table tennis. Some of my classmates were very good at this game and I often tried to compete with them to improve my skill. In high school I spent many hours playing outdoor sports. I enjoyed team sports like basketball and volleyball. In my senior year I started to practice tennis. Sometimes I would find a partner to play tennis with me, but as yet I am not very good at this sport. Tennis requires great strength in the arms and legs as well as strong concentration on the game. 我最喜欢的运动 在我读中学的日子里,我常到活动室打乒乓球。



打乒乓球不仅需要强壮的臂力和腿部力量,还需要集中精力。 Obeying the Traffic Laws I am often very afraid to cross-large wide streets. I always go to the traffic light and use the crosswalk, but many times I have been frightened. When the light changes to green I still need to look both directions to check the traffic. On many occasions a speeding motorcycle or bicycle or once a truck drove past the red light and across the pedestrian's path. When I have my bicycle, I get off and walk across the street, but always someone crosses the red light. Once at the intersection near the shopping mall I saw an accident: a taxi had stopped for the light, and another truck came from behind and did not stop. For safety, it is very important for everyone to obey the traffic laws. 遵守交通规则 横过大宽马路时,我常会害怕。



当我骑车时,我就会下来,推着车子步行过马路, 但总有人闯红灯。一次,在靠近购物广场的那个十字路口,我见到了一起交通事故:一辆出租车停在那儿等红灯,但是它后面的卡车没停。

所以,从安全计,每个人都遵守交通规则是很重要的。 Winter Winter is very cold and windy in most parts of China. I usually look forward to the Spring Festival and the winter holiday when I can go to the south where the climate is warmer during these holidays. Also, I look forward to seeing my grandparents and my friends. Winter is the time everyone is in a festive mood. In the city, I usually do a lot of reading at home in the winter because of eh cold weather outside. 冬天 中国大部分地区的冬天是即冷又有风的。



Autumn For me the autumn or fall starts in September when school starts its new term. I usually do some shopping. The mild weather made it very nice to study outside under the trees in a small park close to my house. I like to look up the leaves changing colors from green to red and yellow, and then brown colors. The park also has many bright fall flowers; sometimes I see a small squirrel coming downfrom the tree to hunt for food on the ground. On the weekends, I sometimes like to fly my kite. Usually on the street corners you can see street peddlers selling warm baked sweet potatoes. This is a nice time of the year. 秋天 我觉得秋天是在9月份新学期开始的时候来临.我常常要去买一些东西.宜人的天气让我感觉在离家不远的小公园的树下学习是件非常惬意的事.我喜欢抬起头看蓍枝头上的树叶由绿变红,变黄,然后再变褐.公园里还有许多鲜艳的秋花.有时我会见到小松鼠从树上跳到地上觅食.在周末,我有时会去放风筝.在街头的拐角处,常常会有街头小贩在卖烤红薯.秋天是一年中的好时节. Summer Summer is the great season for all sports in the open air. It is the season for football which is often called the national sport because of its popularity. I usually watch television and read the newspaper reports about the football results of the little leagues. During the summer I like to go to the beach often because it is very close to my home. I usually go there during the summer vacation to relax after many months in school in the city. I feel very comfortable with the familiar quiet life of the villagers. 夏天 夏天是户外运动最好的季节.这是一个橄榄球的季节,橄榄球由于广受欢迎被称为全民运动.我常常看电视,看报纸,从报道中获得小联盟橄榄球赛的比赛结果.夏日里,我喜欢经常去海滩,因为那里离我家不远.在城里的学校呆了几个月后,暑假我常常去那里放松一下.此处有我很。


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